DYNO Hire: MAHA Dynamometer

MAHA MSR 500 4WD Dyno Hire, Hourly & Daily Rental


MAHA MSR 500 4WD Dyno hire, hourly or daily rental

The star of our new vehicle performance facility is our MAHA MSR500 4-wheel drive dyno system. It’s one of the most accurate and consistent dynamometer's on the market. The single roller design with Nickel-Chromium coating allows us to perform power runs on 1000 BHP plus vehicles without any traction issues.The dyno is incorporated into a dedicated pressure-controlled cell with an extraction plant. Powered by three 7 ½ Kilowatt frequency-controlled fans. Our dyno plant exchanges air at 90,000 cubic meters per hour with all fans running flat out. Providing optimal cell conditions of between 1 and 2°C of outside ambient air temperature, a real advantage especially when tuning in steady state.We offer dyno rental per hour or per day, which includes operative and performance graphs. We offer an exceptional customer experience. See your dyno session from the comfort of our customer lounge, with a direct view into the cell itself and live monitor feed.

State of the art Dyno Facilitty

Fully acoustically sealed, pressure regulated cell. Our dyno cell has many very useful technical features including inlet and exhaust temperature sensors combined with pressure, C02 and CO sensors to accurately control the air requirements within the cell. The automation can ramp the fans up and down automatically dependant of conditions.

Accurate Repeatable Results

Maha is a worldwide leader in chassis dynamometers, used by many OEM's. Our dyno is calibrated regularly by an official Maha agent to ensure you get accurate results, time and time again.

Suitable for 4WD, FWD, RWD and Motorbikes

The Maha MSR500 is capable of running any 4WD systems. No need to unplug Haldex clutches or disengage X-drive. All cars are testing in real world conditions as if they were driving on the road or circuit.

1 Hour / 3 Power Runs

£90 ex VAT
Includes dyno printouts, includes dyno operative.

Full Day Dyno Rental

£600.00 ex VAT
Includes dyno printouts, includes dyno operative.

DYNO Hire Checklist

A few checks that are essential before the big day for your car:

  • Full tank of fuel (The same fuel you always intend to use)
  • Oil Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Tyre pressures
  • No Binding Brakes
  • Fluid leaks (Any fluid leaks are unacceptable on the dyno as it can pose a very serious fire risk. If you do have any leaks then you will be refused access and be asked to rectify them before dyno hire.

On the day you will also be asked to fill out and sign our dynamometer declaration. Please download below.