Porsche 718 GTS stage 1 ECU remap

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"Enhanced drivability and elegance!"

Porsche 718 GTS stage 1 ECU remap for the Cayman/ Boxster. Porsche’s 2017 to present day, 2.5L Boxer flat 4 mid-engine …just the perfect balance of weight, linear power combined with tons of torque the ideal “driver’s” car.

With our Porsche 718 GTS stage 1 ECU remap custom software calibration for the Cayman/ Boxster models, we can transform the performance of these cars to match the 992 Carrera S…it’s a no-brainer!!

With stunning linear power and a red line of 7500rpm, this awesome engine is a tuning dream, so it makes perfect sense to release its full potential with our custom software calibration. The MA2.22 is the first flat 4 Porsche has manufactured in 40 years…and it doesn’t disappoint. We regularly extract up to +70Bhp / +100Nm of torque with our 718 GTS stage 1 package, while retaining linear power delivery and bags of low-end torque.

Porsche 718 GTS stage 1 ECU Remap bespoke package

Currently this our only tuning package available for the Porsche 718 GTS. The Porsche 718 GTS stage 1 ECU remap bespoke software package has been developed on road and on our Maha dyno and is designed to work with all original components. We offer this for both the manual and PDK versions, it’s been optimised for ultimate reliability while maximising the best available performance. Download the Dyno Graph here.

We frequently see 450BHP and 530NM from these engines after our custom stage 1 ECU remap.

PDK Gearbox Calibrations will soon also be available, please get in touch for more information.

*Upgraded charge coolers available on request*

£650 + VAT

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*All of our ECU calibrations are developed using a minimum of 97 octane however 99 octane is recommended.*

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