Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 Tuning

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"The first Mini Cooper S to be released under BMW "

Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 tuning  Stage 1 & Stage 2 performance packages, from the 2022 Mini Challenge Champions Hybrid Tune! If you’re looking for an honest and reputable ECU calibration for your Mini R53, you’ve come to the right place.

With the little Mini weighing in at just over 1000 kg, our Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 tuning packages can safely and effectively improve the performance of the dinky 1.6 Tritec. Power to weight is dramatically increased, as is your driving experience!

The R53 was initially developed by Rover before BMW acquired Mini, they finished the design and started production in 2000. The engine is a Chrysler Tritec single cam 1.6L Eaton Supercharged engine producing 163BHP and 210NM.

Updated through the years the W11 Tritec engine eventually made 218BHP and 250NM in the GP with the help of a larger intercooler, Teflon coated supercharger, and 11% reduction pulley to increase boost pressure. Over 280BHP is possible from this engine with carefully selected modifications and a well-optimised Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 tuning package.

Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 Tuning - Custom ECU Calibration

Bespoke ECU calibrations tailored specifically for your car. Our Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 tuning packages are industry-leading.

Given that some of these cars are now well into their 20’s we understand that a lot of these cars are already modified with various parts. So depending on the spec we offer our custom ECU calibration for road or track use Mini R53 Coopers.

The Tritec engines are generally a solid build utilising a simple cast iron solid block and respond well to tuning. Our Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 tuning package involves an extensive diagnostic session on the dyno to check for any irregularities, providing we’re all good we can begin with the ECU remapping. Performing several power runs while fine-tuning the calibration. Once we’re 100% happy it’s a road test and over to you to enjoy.

£ 450 + VAT
£ 540

Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 Tuning HT260 Package

Our HT260 Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 Tuning package is the ultimate for any fast road or track-orientated car. We would expect to see around 260 BHP with the Mini R53 Cooper S-JCW-GP-W11 stage 2 package, but we have on occasion seen up to 280 BHP!

Bosch 550cc Injectors
19% Reduction Pulley
Forge Intercooler
Scorpion Sports Cat Manifold and Exhaust System
NGK BKR8EIX Spark Plugs
RamAir Intake Kit

*HT260 is based on a Teflon charger, non Teflon chargers will have a slightly lower peak power.

£ 2,397.69
£ 2,877.23
Deliver Parts & WE Tune
£ 3,260.19
£ 3,912.23

Price Fully Fitted

*All of our ECU calibrations are developed using a minimum of 97 octane however 99 octane is recommended.*

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