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"BMW switched to a 1.6L turbocharged engine co developed by PSA for the R56 Mini"

Mini R56 Cooper S JCW GP Tuning upgrades and ECU remapping, by UK leaders Hybrid Tune…Mini Challenge JCW Champions! We’re also proud technical partners with the Mini Challenge, providing the official ECU calibrations for the Cooper class, a real testament to the quality of our ECU remapping.

The second-gen R56 Cooper S features a far more efficient engine design and is perfect for our Mini R56 Cooper S JCW GP tuning packages.

The Eaton charger is out in favour of a Borg Warner twin-scroll turbo, 1 camshaft is replaced by 2 and the engine is an all aluminum design that pushes 175BHP / 240NM in the early Cooper S up to 218BHP and 280NM in the GP2.

On paper the power increase from R53 to R56 may appear to be disappointing, however there is more power to come from these engines especially if you’re not planning on changing any hardware components. The JCW and GP do have the benefit of a larger turbocharger which helps these models easily exceed 270BHP with the correct modifications and software.

Mini R56 Cooper S JCW GP Tuning HT240 Package

Our HT240 Mini R56 Cooper S JCW GP Tuning package has been developed on a completely standard R56 JCW N14. N18 JCW’s do tend to see a little more peak BHP but sometimes a little less peak torque at 1.3 bar.

The HT240 package has been developed on dyno, road and extensively on circuit to ensure good performance while not causing excessive wear on standard components.

Owners of standard N14 or N18 Cooper S are still eligible for this however generally we see around 215BHP / 300NM compared to the JCW-GP which makes 240BHP / 330NM.

£ 450 + VAT
£ 540

Mini R56 Cooper S JCW GP Tuning HT270 Package 270BHP / 360NM

Our Mini R56 Cooper S-JCW-GP Tuning package is the ultimate performance upgrade for any fast road or track orientated car. This package is only available for Mini R56 Cooper S N14 or N18 cars with a JCW turbo fitted (please get in contact if you’d like us to upgrade your car to a JCW turbo).

Forge Intercooler
Forge Intake Kit
Forge Intake Hose
Forge Boost Pipe Kit
Scorpion Sports Cat Exhaust System

*HT270 is based on a freshly rebuild engine with no carbon build up on the back of the valves. If de-coking is something you’d like doing before tuning please get in contact.

£ 3,108.47
£ 3,730.16

Price Fully Fitted

*All of our ECU calibrations are developed using a minimum of 97 octane however 99 octane is recommended.*

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