Porsche 991 2 Tuning T S GTS ECU Remapping

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Porsche 991 2 Tuning T S GTS ECU Remapping. We’ve invested hours of dyno time and road testing to refine our 991 2 tuning package for the T S & GTS. Vast development time has gone into unleashing the performance capabilities of the 3.0T power plant. Dyno tuned on the very same state-of-the-art rolling road as Porsche, our MAHA MSR500!

The Porsche 991 2 T S & GTS utilise essentially the same 3.0 Turbo engines, the only difference being the S uses a slightly larger compressor wheel and the GTS exploits both a bigger compressor and turbine wheel to increase power. If you demand perfection our Porsche 991 2 tuning package won’t disappoint.

For the purists, the Porsche 991 2 can’t quite match its naturally aspirated cousins for the soundtrack, but this six-pot is one of the most linear and reactive turbo engines in the world. It revs well to the limiter at 7400rpm and our Porsche 991 2 tuning package is developed to closely match the original Porsche ECU calibration. With decades of experience, we can safely extract its maximum potential…more power and a massive punch of torque.

Porsche 991.2 Tuning / Bespoke ECU Software Upgrade

Currently, this is our only custom ECU Porsche 991 2 Tuning T S GTS package. It’s intended to work with all original components. We offer this for both the manual and PDK versions, it’s been optimised for ultimate reliability while maximising the best available performance. Download Dyno Graph here.

Carrera / Targa & T Standard (365 bhp / 450 Nm)
Carrera / Targa & T: Hybrid Tuned 460 bhp / 590 Nm
Carrera/ Targa S Standard: (414 bhp / 500 Nm)
Carrera / Targa S Hybrid Tuned : 493 bhp / 595 Nm
Carrera / Targa GTS Standard: (444 bhp / 550 Nm)
Carrera / Targa GTS Hybrid Tuned: 532 bhp / 655 Nm

*PDK Gearbox calibrations on request*

£650 + VAT

Dyno Tuned

*All of our ECU calibrations are developed using a minimum of 97 octane however 99 octane is recommended.*

Porsche 991.2 Tuning stage 2 options for the carrera / Targa T S and GTS. We can offer packages for these cars, but rather than list a multitude of options we much prefer to have a detailed phone conversation first. It's a case of what target power you're trying to reach and seeing if those numbers are a realistic expectation. Porsche 991.2 Tuning stage 2 options could include various intercoolers and exhaust modifications, sports cats, downpipes etc. Please get in touch if you would like to consider these options👍.