Mini F56 Cooper S JCW Tuning B48 Stage 1 & 2 Packages

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"Mini's 3rd Generation Features the all BMW 2.0l Modular B48 Engine"

Mini F56 Cooper S JCW Tuning no other company in the UK understands the intricacies of both the B48 and F56 better than us. We’re the Mini JCW Challenge Champions! we present our excellence in Motorsport through to your road car. Providing exceptional ECU calibrations and Stage 1 & 2 tuning packages for your F56 Mini that are clear winners.

From stock, the Cooper S produces 192BHP / 280Nm and the JCW 230BHP / 320Nm. But with the correct parts and our Mini F56 Cooper S JCW tuning packages, the B48 can make over 300BHP…a real pocket rocket!

It’s the first time a Mini has received a BMW-designed engine…and they did a great job! The B48 engines have proven to be a very well-designed and reliable package.

The B48 engine utilises a strong closed deck design, however in tuned applications, unfortunately, it’s quite common for people who aren’t familiar with these engines to experience damage to the piston ring lands due to LSPI (Low-Speed Pre Ignition). LSPI is caused by a number of factors, cylinder pressure exceeding design limits at a low engine speed, fueling mixture too rich, poor fuel quality, and engine oils with higher levels of calcium additives.

Through extensive development, we are super proud that no Mini F56 Cooper S JCW equipped B48 we’ve ever tuned has had engine failure. We believe this is due to our vast experience in the way we calibrate these engines and also down to our customers being willing to run more expensive fuels and oils to prevent such an issue from occurring. This piston issue isn’t quite as common in the JCW model but it does still happen despite BMW making an update to this engine to reduce the compression ratio.


Mini F56 Cooper S JCW Tuning B48 Stage 1 HT290 Package

Our Mini 56 Cooper HT290 Stage 1 Tuning package is based on the JCW model with pro exhaust system. Cooper S models with pro exhaust will be limited to 280BHP, Cooper S models with standard exhaust will make around 265BHP.

JCW: 290BHP/430NM Cooper S (Pro Exhaust): 280BHP/400NM Cooper S (Stock Exhaust): 265BHP/380NM

This package is designed to be used on a totally standard car however the B48 engine does have a reputation for damaging pistons if incorrectly tuned, poor fuel is used or the car isn’t serviced correctly. It is imperative that with or HT290 Stage 1 tuning package the car is only ever run on 99 octane fuel, we also highly recommend our range of Driven DI oils is used and service intervals are dropped to 8k miles or 1 year.

£ 450 + VAT
£ 540

Mini F56 Cooper S JCW Tuning B48 HT320 Stage 2 Package

Our Mini F56 Cooper S JCW Tuning HT320 Stage 2 Package takes your F56 Mini from an unassuming hatchback into a car that will compete with any of the hottest hot hatchbacks.

Unfortunately this package is only available to JCW models in standard form. Cooper S owners will either have to have a JCW engine fitted or have the engine fitted with forged pistons with a lower compression ratio. This package is also making the assumption a pro exhaust system is already fitted to the car.

As with the HT290 we recommend the use of 99 octane fuel, Driven DI oils and a service interval of 8k miles or 1 year.


Mini F56 Cooper S JCW Stage 2 HT320 Tuning Hardware Upgrades:

Forge Intercooler
Forge Panel Filter
Scorpion Sports Cat Downpipe
B58D Spark Plugs

£ 1,891.04
£ 2,269.25
Deliver Parts & We Tune
£ 2,416.04
£ 2,899.25

Price Fully Fitted

Mini F56 Cooper S JCW B48 (LCI) - STRAT-2 Tuning Box

With reliable power of over 275 BHP and 378 NM on the B48 engine MINI Cooper JCW (LCI), and over 254 BHP and 342 NM on the Cooper S (LCI), all without ECU removal, there’s never been a better time for Mini F56 JCW LCI owners to invest in a premium, dyno-proven Tuning Box platform.

Warranty Included
Easy Installation
Dyno Proven Results
Years of Road, Circuit & Dyno Development
Removable Without a Trace
Manufactured in the UK 🇬🇧

£ 412.50
£ 495.00
B48 (LCI) Tuning Box

*All of our ECU calibrations are developed using a minimum of 97 octane however 99 octane is recommended.*

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