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The NEW Hybrid Tune STRAT-2 Tuning Box



Introducing our new proprietary BMW STRAT-2 Tuning Box. Unlocking over 100BHP on the S58 engine and 55+BHP on the B48TU engine, without the hassle of ECU removal, there’s never been a better time to buy a premium quality dyno-proven BMW Tuning Box platform.

Starting from mid-2020, Bosch implemented significant security enhancements across their ECU platforms. This has made the process of extracting additional power for BMW and Mini owners both expensive and awkward.

Unfortunately, pursuing such power gains is likely to void your BMW or Mini warranty.

Our goal was simple – develop a competitively priced BMW tuning box solution which offers an OEM level of calibration engineering with dyno-proven performance increases, reliability and the ease of a plug-and-play installation.

The STRAT-2 will be available for the B58TU platform very soon!