BMW M135i M235i Tuning F Series N55

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"BMW's FXX Generation Hatchback Fitted with a 3.0L Straight 6 driving the rear wheels"

BMW M135i M235i Tuning packages for the F series N55 equipped BMW. The M135i & M235i are both available with a 6-speed manual or ZF’s 8HP Gearbox. With our stage 1 & stage 2 tuning packages, we can achieve breathtaking results of over 400 BHP!

There are two main variants to this model of the N55 engine, our BMW M135i M235i Tuning packages perform brilliantly for both.

The early N55 engine, models 2011-2013 are fitted with a pneumatic wastegate actuator while the later 2013-2015 models are fitted with an electronic actuator. This alone doesn’t make a difference to performance, but the later model turbo is larger and gives a bigger flow benefit. All of our tuning options are based on this model. Earlier generation models will see slightly less power.

Handling can become a little loose on these cars above a certain power level. M control arms and an LSD are advised. Manual versions will also require clutch upgrades.

BMW M135i M235i Tuning HT370 Package

Our N55 BMW M135i M235i Tuning HT380 packages increases the power output to 380BHP and 600NM. This is the safe level for this engine while retaining the OEM intercooler, boost pipework and HPFP.

This ECU calibration has been developed over 30 hours of dyno time and road testing to give the best performance increase while retaining OEM levels of reliability. We’re also able to flash back the stock calibration on the ECU whenever needed.

XHP Gearbox software available at a cost of £250 plus VAT. Optional on HT370 but included in price of HT400.

*N55 Pneumatic variants will see around 15BHP less at this level of tune.

£ 450 + VAT
£ 540.00

BMW M135i M235i Tuning HT400 Package

BMW M135i M235i Tuning HT400 stage 2 Tuning Package for the N55 engine requires the following hardware modifications:

Forge Motorsport Intercooler

Scorpion Decat Exhaust System (Off Road Use ONLY)

Forge Boost Pipe Kit

The limiting factor after this point is the HPFP on the Electronic Actuator models. We can supply and fit HPFP upgrade kits but this is POA.

£ 2,602.74
£ 3,123.29
Deliver Parts & Tune With Us
£ 2,977.74
£ 3,573.29

Price Fully Fitted

*All of our ECU calibrations are developed using a minimum of 97 octane however 99 octane is recommended.*

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