Audi S3 Tuning 8.1V Mk2 TFSI 2.0 EA888 (2016 – 2019)

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Audi S3 Tuning 8V Mk2 with our performance upgrades taking these cars over 500bhp while still retaining well over 30MPG and having all the usual refinement of a VAG group car what’s not to like about the Audi S3 or VW Golf R?

The engines in these cars benefit massively from our Audi S3 Tuning packages and it’s not uncommon to see circa 380bhp on a completely standard engine. However, some considerations need to be made. For a manual car the torque output does have to be limited unless an uprated clutch is fitted.

DSG or S Tronic models fitted with the DQ250 gearbox handle the torque much better but do benefit from a DSG recalibration above the HT365 package.

The Audi 8V.2 S3 shares many similarities with its VW Golf R Mk7.5 twin. The CJXG power plant and Quattro Haldex systems are both identical however surprisingly the Audi is apparently the slightly lighter of the two potentially giving a very minimal performance advantage.

Audi S3 Tuning 8V Mk2 HT365 Package

Our first tuning stage for the Audi 8V.2 or Mk7.5 Golf R (HT365) takes the power output of this EA888 engine up to 365BHP and 480Nm. Our calibration has been designed to work on a completely original car and no hardware modification’s are necessary. Over 50 hours of dyno time and road testing has got us to a point with the calibration where we are seeing very good performance combined with OEM levels of reliability. It’s important to note that special care is taken not to overspeed the IS38 turbocharger as there are a few reports of premature failures.

Manual cars on a standard clutch will have the torque output limited to 450Nm to prolong the life of the clutch.

Our HT365 tuning package is available to order online and install at your home using the HP Tuners RTD device. CLICK HERE

£450 plus VAT
£540 inc VAT

Audi S3 Tuning 8V Mk2 HT400 Package

Our next performance offering for the Audi S3 8V/Golf R Mk7.5 takes the power output to 400BHP and 530Nm. The kit comes with the following hardware upgrades.

RamAir Intake Kit with Turbo Elbow.

Scorpion Sport Cat Turbo Back Exhaust System.

Airtec Intercooler Kit.

HT400 DSG/S Tronic Software.

HT400 ECU Software.

*Uprated clutch is necessary on manual cars. This is a service we can offer, for prices please contact us.

Our HT400 tuning package is available to order online and install at your home using the HP Tuners RTD device.

£2995.22 + VAT
Deliver Parts & Tune With Us
£3355.22 + VAT

Price Fully Fitted

Audi S3 8V Mk2 Tuning Package HT555

If you want to turn your Golf R or Audi S3 up to 11 then look no further. This package will turn an already very capable hatchback into a hatchback with supercar power to weight ratios. The following upgrades give a power figure of 555BHP and 620NM. This package can only be obtained once HT400 has been installed.

Additional Hardware from HT400:

TTE555 Hybrid IS38 Turbocharger

Custom CNC Turbo Elbow

5 BAR MAP Sensor Kit

Autotech HPFP

£3,417.50 + VAT
Price Fully Fitted

*All of our ECU calibrations are developed using a minimum of 97 octane however 99 octane is recommended.*

More Information On This Product Or Service Coming Soon. If You Can’t Find What You’re Looking For Please Get In Touch.

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