BMW M135i F40 ECU Remapping & Tuning Potential

How we got 350bhp & 470nm from the new BMW M135i F40 and the B48…


BMW M135i F40 hidden tuning potential & upgrade packages

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Sharing our first experience with the BMW M135i F40…or was it a reincarnation of the Mini Clubman!

Let me tell you, that’s not a bad thing, certainly not for us anyway. Jokes aside this car was a real masterpiece of engineering. A controversial new design that probably doesn’t sit well with most die-hard BMW enthusiasts. I’m sure you’re aware that BMW’s previous M135i was a 6-cylinder rear-wheel-drive car powered by the N55 engine. We’re no stranger to the N55 and we always yield excellent results in terms of power & torque.
The new F40 is a very different beast. Firstly, it’s predominantly front-wheel drive with a rear assist, similar to the Haldex system used on a VW Golf.  Secondly a new power plant, the BMW B48, an old friend you might say!
Ok, so down to business. Stock numbers for this car are 306 bhp and 450 nm. So firstly, we needed to do an initial power run to see what we’re working with and the results were positive. Top torque was pretty much bang on, it made 450-455nm. Surprisingly, it was up on power, we saw 320-325 bhp at the flywheel. It was an incredibly cold day and the car looked like an igloo before reaching the dyno cell! Temperatures were around freezing in the cell which probably helped get the book figures up, but still a positive result. The tuning capabilities of this car are slightly unknown. It’s literally brand new and since BMW released an update in July it’s impossible to access the internal memory of the ECU.
First on our list and the customer’s list was to remove the PPF and primary CAT. Our experience with BMW and the B48 engine made this a relatively simple procedure. We were confident that removing the restriction would yield positive gains. Check out our Youtube channel here.

We gained a corrected peak power of 349.8 bhp and 470 nm of torque from the BMW M135i F40

On the second dyno run at around 4,500 rpm we could see significant increases. Corrected peak power was 349.8 bhp with 470 nm of torque. All in all a really positive result, basically enough of a power, torque and noise increase for a more exciting driving experience and that's with the standard calibration. Although the turbo is running around 1.7bar of boost we definitely see more tuning potential from the F40. Possibilities are gaining a little more boost in the higher RPM range and getting access to that ECU! Luckily for all you BMW M135i owners, we're in the process of developing a new custom tuning box. No Plug'n'Play rubbish! it's a device that will allow us to custom calibrate your cars ECU without needing to touch the OEM this space! Do you own a BMW and want to unleash its true potential? We’ve a whole range of performance packages just for you. Every calibration and tuning package is the product of hours, sometimes even weeks and months of dyno and circuit development. Delivered with pride, passion and attention to detail. We’ll love your car just as much as you do…maybe even more! Thanks for reading guys and remember, anything BMW, please get in touch.👍