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Introducing the SCS Delta GDI6 ECU, a great package with amazing specification. Combined with our Dyno calibration it defiantly won’t disappoint!

The all-new SCS Delta GDI6 ECU incorporates everything we've learned over the years to improve every aspect of our hardware design.

For today's complex modern engines, an additional 35 pin connector adds support for up to 6 GD injectors, 6 port injectors, 2 high pressure fuel pumps, twin turbochargers, and 4 camshafts. A great ECU combined with our DYNO calibration.

The SCS Delta GDI6 ECU Onboard dual wideband lambda control (LSU 4.9 or higher) is one of the advanced control features.

(ADV), traction and launch control, dual drive-by-wire, and quad variable cam timing. Superb control from the SCS Delta GD16 ECU.

SCS Delta GDI6 ECU Specification

  • 6 GDI solenoid injector outputs with overlap capability
  • 6 port injection outputs
  • 6 software selectable ignition outputs
  • Dual onboard wideband lambda control for LSU 4.9 and ADV
  • Twin sequential or stereo Drive-by-wire throttle control
  • Control for 2 high pressure fuel pumps
  • Dual onboard wideband lambda control for Bosch LSU 4.2,
  • 4.9 & ADV sensors
  • Closed loop boost control with overboost fuel cut protection
  • and gear offsets
  • Variable camshaft timing control for up to 4 camshafts
  • Map switching for fuel, ignition, boost and Drive-by-Wire
  • Full closed loop paddleshift gearbox control
  • Traction control with driver controlled slip settings
  • Dual CAN bus for OEM integration, E-OBD and motorsport
  • dashboards/loggers
  • LIN bus for smart charge alternator control etc
  • Anti-lag system
  • Comprehensive launch control, switched or fully automatic
  • Dual DSP knock control
  • User defined outputs
  • IP66 case suitable for engine bay mounting
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