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Life Racing GDI Driver

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The Life Racing GDI driver is a small unit that can drive four fuel injectors at high voltage, meeting the needs of high-pressure solenoid injectors.

The complex waveforms required to activate the injectors are generated by the unit. The injectors are activated by pulses from the host ECU.

This Life Racing GDI Gasoline Direct Injector Driver is compatible with all GD injectors, including those manufactured by Ford, GM, and Bosch (including Bosch Motorsport types). Each module contains four injector outputs with variable drive power.

This hardware is housed in a lightweight CNC billet aluminium case. Designed for use in extreme Motorsport environments.

Life Racing GDI Driver Outputs:

  • 4 direct injector drivers

GDI Inputs

  • 4 injection pulses

Power Supply

  • 6 to 32V input voltage range with reverse polarity protection
  • High voltage generated internally
  • Adjustable output drive power


  • Deutsch Autosport connector
  • CNC machined, O ring sealed, anodised aluminium case
  • Maximum dimensions including the connectors 140 x 80 x 36 mm
  • Operating Temperature -25 to +85°C
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Total mass is 245 grams

Life Racing GDI Driver Applications

  • Driving gasoline or diesel direct solenoid injectors from a host ECU
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