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SCS Delta 700S ECU

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The SCS Delta 700S ECU a brilliant cost effective engine management solution

If you purchase from us you can be sure of full support, fitting and calibration all performed by our expert team of perfectionists.

The SCS Delta 700S ECU is a small but versatile engine management system designed to run complex modern engines at an unbeatable price.

Onboard wideband lambda controller (LSU 4.2, 4.9, or ADV), traction and launch control, 2-channel DSP knock, drive-by-wire, and quad variable cam timing are among the advanced control features.

Built-in the state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility of Specialist Control Systems, using the most recent development of multilayer circuit boards and advanced components. A wide range of crank and cam trigger patterns, user-defined input and output types and control functions enable the Delta 700S to be easily adapted to different applications.

SCS Delta 700S ECU Specification

  • 1-6 cylinders direct ignition and sequential injection
  • VE, Alpha-N, speed density or hybrid Alpha-N with MAP
  • correction load Input
  • Maximum engine speed breakpoints up to 16,500rpm
  • Drive-by-wire throttle control
  • Individual cylinder trim maps for both fuel and ignition
  • Onboard wideband lambda control for LSU 4.2, 4.9 & ADV senso
  • Closed loop boost control with over-boost fuel cut protection and
  • gear offsets
  • Variable camshaft timing control for up to 4 camshafts
  • Hi or Low side VTEC control
  • Map switching for fuel, ignition, boost and Drive-by-Wire
  • Traction control with driver-controlled slip setting
  • Dual CAN bus OEM integration, E-OBD and motorsport
  • dashboards/loggers
  • Smart charge alternator control
  • Anti-lag system
  • Launch control
  • Dual DSP knock control
  • User-defined outputs
  • Closed or open loop gear cut

So how did the SCS Delta 700 ECU Perform on the Lotus Elise S2?

We all know making worthwhile power on naturally aspirated engines such as a K-series is never easy...cost versus a substantial gain! Although we performed various modifications on the car, such as Newman PH2 competition cams, Jenvey 42mm throttle bodies and a custom airbox. The real magic came into play when performing our Hybrid Tune calibration on the Delta 700. I'd say 161HP / 175NM for this car is pretty awesome for this car, with real-world power figures from our OEM / Motorsport calibrated dyno. After our Remapping, the road test was phenomenal...great car! Brilliant SCS Delta 700s ECU, one exceptionally happy customer. 🙂

SCS DELTA 700 Dyno graph, Lotus Elise S2


Lotus Elise S2 Dyno graph after SCS Delta 700 ECU Remapping, white graph print out from MAHA MSR 400 Dyno


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