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BMW F98 X4M Tuning Box S58 Strat-2

£412.50 ex VAT

Thrilling BMW F98 X4M Tuning to unleash a remarkable power output of over 605 BHP and torque surpassing 750 NM on the S58 platform, all while ensuring unparalleled reliability.

• Warranty Included
• Easy Installation
• Dyno Proven Results
• Years of Road, Circuit & Dyno Development
• Removable Without a Trace
• Manufactured in the UK 🇬🇧
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BMW F98 X4M Tuning box with impressive power of 605+ BHP and torque surpassing 750+ NM on the S58 platform, all while maintaining outstanding reliability.

Crafted for optimal performance, our Strat-2 tailored for BMW F98 X4M tuning stands apart with its competitive pricing, merging state-of-the-art engineering with an OEM level of calibration. Supported by dyno-tested results, this tuning box offers significant performance enhancements without compromise.

With a precise objective in mind, we engineered the Hybrid Tune Strat-2 exclusively for BMW F98 X4M Tuning on the S58 platform. Discontented with the underwhelming performance of other tuning solutions in the market, we undertook the challenge to develop a custom-tailored solution for BMW F97 X3M owners, ensuring satisfaction.

After rigorous testing on the dyno, road, and circuit, we proudly introduce the new Strat-2 tuning box. Its plug-and-play design guarantees effortless installation and removal as necessary.

Delivering exceptional performance and reliability, it facilitates a seamless transition back to stock settings at any time, addressing potential warranty concerns.

We now confidently assure real-world, performance enhancements for the S58 engine, boasting figures exceeding 605 BHP and 750 NM, validated on our OEM-spec MAHA MSR500 dyno.

Full instructions, wiring loom and warranty are included and we offer an outstanding support package.

BMW S58 MAHA dyno graph with our Strat-2 tuning box fitted over 605 BHP of power. The red line on the graph shows power and the orange line shows torque

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