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Syvecs Nissan Skyline GTR R32/R33/R34 – S7i

£2,700.00 ex VAT

Syvecs Nissan Skyline GTR R32/R33/R34 – S7i Plug N Play kit brings a new level of engine management control to RB26 range of Skylines. Combine this immense power with our tuning capabilities and you’ll be blown away!

The Syvecs Nissan Skyline GTR R32/R33/R34 - S7i Kit brings a new level of engine management control to the Nissan Skyline RB26 range with a complete standalone engine control module.

Supported on all R32 to R34 GTR's.

By simply pluging in the Syvecs Nissan Skyline GTR R32/R33/R34 - S7i kit a whole new level of control is available allowing some of the following features:

• The Syvecs Nissan Skyline S7i kit offers live tuning for every aspect of the engine’s calibration
• Ability to select desired engine map, boost level, traction and launch control levels through 12 Position switch
• Fully adjustable Launch control with Anti-lag strategies and Ramp in Maps
• Full Variable Valve Timing control for VVT Add Ons
• Closed loop Lambda Control using NTK Lambda (Extra Cost)
• Flex Fuel control
• 12 Injector Support – Staged Injection
• Drive By wire Support from the Syvecs Nissan Skyline S7 ECU
• Flat Foot Shiftings
• Fully adjustable closed loop boost control with launch level adjustments and trims for turbo speed, air charge, engine coolant temp, exhaust gas temperatures etc
• Monitor and trimming of exhaust gas temperatures
• Built in data logging using a market leading analysis software of up to 8 hours, with data rates at up to 1000hz
• Rolling Antilag / Pit lane limiter strategies, great for building boost on a roll
• Antitheft and valet modes
• Super fast connection via RJ45 Ethernet port for live tuning anywhere in the world or even remotely if on track if connected to a wireless unit.
• Adjustable traction control strategies based on lateral g, steering angle and/or individual wheel speed monitoring.
• 4 programmable and selectable target slip maps. An immediate torque reduction can be applied by the ECU via ignition retard or a fuel cut.
• Configurable Engine Safety Trips on all important parameters like oil temperature, oil pressure.
• Fuel pump control of both main, and sub pumps, as well as Relative fuel pressure monitoring and limiting in the event of fuel pressure dropping on boost.
• 4 different Pedal to Throttle Angle maps with multipliers for different parameters e.g. speed. Again adjustable via steering wheel buttons
• Configurable individual cylinder closed loop knock control, to suit any cylinder modification with adjustments to frequency, windows for listening and gains for each cylinder. • Ability to trigger full cylinder shutdown in severe knock conditions.
• Ability to change Torque ramp in after launch
• Run up to 7bar map sensors
• Change injector dead times based on voltage levels for proper control
• Change injector end angle to ensure injection point is properly calibrated
• Ability to fit any type of external sensor to monitor and trigger safety trips from anything from crank case pressure to damper position
• Ability to use any size DBW throttle body e.g. Chevrolet LS7
• Wet and Dry – Wet and Dry nitrous control with ability to drive solenoids directly and control n20 heaters via pressure monitoring
• Ability to control any external vehicle features based on sensor inputs e.g. Adjustable rear wing linked to G force or exhaust control valves
• Connect any race series dash or even one of our partners’ Touchscreen CANBUS adjustment /display units
• View any input live with built in scope up to 1000hz
• And much, much more with the Syvecs Nissan Skyline S7i ECU!


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