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BMW G80 M3 Tuning Box S58 Strat-2

£412.50 ex VAT

Enhanced BMW G80 M3 tuning that elevates power to a remarkable 605+ BHP and torque to surpass 750+ NM on the S58 platform, all while guaranteeing unmatched reliability.

• Warranty Included
• Easy Installation
• Dyno Proven Results
• Years of Road, Circuit & Dyno Development
• Removable Without a Trace
• Manufactured in the UK 🇬🇧
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Tune your BMW G80 M3 to achieve a potent output of 605+ BHP and torque exceeding 750+ NM on the S58 platform, all while upholding exceptional reliability.

Crafted for optimal performance, our Strat-2 tailored for BMW G80 M3 Tuning stands apart from anything else on the market. With its competitive pricing, merging state-of-the-art engineering and an OEM level of calibration. Supported by dyno-tested results, this tuning box offers stunning performance gains without compromise.

With a clear objective in mind, we developed the Hybrid Tune Strat-2 specifically for BMW G80 M3 Tuning on the S58 platform. Dissatisfied with other tuning boxes on the market failing to deliver as promised, we took it upon ourselves to create a tailored solution for BMW G80 M3 owners.

After extensive testing on dyno, road, and circuit, we're thrilled to introduce the new Strat-2. Its plug-and-play design ensures easy installation and removal if needed. Offering exceptional performance and reliability, it allows for a seamless return to stock settings at any time, mitigating any potential warranty concerns.

We can now promise real-world, uninflated performance gains for the S58 engine of 605+BHP/ 750+NM. Figures that have been validated on our OEM spec MAHA MSR500 dyno.

Full instructions, wiring loom and warranty are included and we offer an outstanding support package.

BMW S58 MAHA dyno graph with our Strat-2 tuning box fitted over 605 BHP of power. The red line on the graph shows power and the orange line shows torque

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