Standalone ECU Services

20 years experience tuning engine management systems to win


Standalone ECU Services, 20 years experience installing motorsport engine management systems to win

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop when it comes to Standalone ECU’s. We offer full installation and supply packages for a huge number of well know engine management manufacturers. We have a combined experience of 20 years when it comes supplying and fitting standalone ECU’s. We are official agents for SCS Delta, DTA, Motorsport Electronics, Emerald, Link, Haltech, MoTec, Life Racing…the list goes on. Click to view our standalone options here.

Drive In Drive Out

We provide a full drive in drive out service for Standalone ECU conversions. Supply, fitment, wiring and calibration. Every job welcome, from VW camper vans to race cars.

Motorsport Service

While the dyno is great for calibrating an ECU. Nothing is better than the environment that it's going to be raced in. We offer full track-side support for customers looking to get that extra edge over their competitors.


Just purchasing an ECU is really only half the story. It's great support when things aren't quite going to plan that separates us from the rest. We're only ever a phone call or email away and a lot of the time we can help remotely through teamviewer if necessary.

Standalone ECU Calibration Check

£ 180.00 ex VAT
Perfect if you’ve just changed a component like a fuel pump or manifold.

Standalone ECU Full Calibration

£ 540.00 ex VAT
Needed If you’re running a base map or if you’ve just changed a component that has a big impact on the airflow characteristics of the engine.

DTA S40 ECU Supplied & Calibrated

£ 750.00 ex VAT
DTA S40 Pro ECU is a high quality, well priced entry level ECU. Fitting not included.