BMW X5M F85 ECU Remap Stage 1 Tuning...Weapon!

How we extracted 664 BHP / 847 NM from the BMW X5M F85 & S63…


BMW X5M F85 ECU Remap & Tuning Capability

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Loaded with the mighty S63, we share our experience with BMW X5M tuning.

The X5M…weapon, animal, monster, call it what you will. We love this powerful and refined SUV. Loaded with the incredible BMW S63 power plant, Msports big brother of the naturally aspirated BMW N62. This pure V8 won the international engine awards in 2002. Used in the Morgan Aero through to BMW’s Alpina’s with forged crankshafts and superchargers. It’s always a pleasure to get these engines in-house and extract their true potential. We’ll stop talking about the N62 soon…promise!

Big brother time!… It’s 2008 and we see the incredible N63 / S63. Let’s just say, this engine is a BMW tuning and remapping dream. The all-important forced induction, with hot V layout…twin-scroll turbocharges mounted inside that legendary V8. Although we’ve got vast experience with all gens of the N63 engine. This BMW X5M F85 is our first experience with the mighty S63…it didn’t disappoint!

First, put the BMW X5 on the Dyno and get some straight-up numbers…see what we’re working with. The X5 checked out well, almost spot on figures on our OEM MAHA MSR500 dyno. Next step, what are the real numbers from a generic tuners map! What to do?.. we flashed the remap into the ECU. All we’ll say, it was disappointing, to say the least. Hybrid Tune is all about understanding your car and engine, then tailoring a bespoke remap. Maximizing performance while maintaining reliability. Everything we do is 100% custom, ignition, fuel tables, MAF, knock values. Absolutely everything is analyzed then custom configured for your car and engine.

So…the moment you’ve been waiting for. What did the mighty BMW X5M F85 make during our tuning session? Before we give you the numbers, time to make something crystal clear. 95% of online quoted power numbers are wildly inaccurate. Our roots are in Motorsport, we base everything we do on having a clear and accurate reference point. A calibrated OEM Dyno and a no-nonsense approach.

From our bespoke stage 1 Hybrid Tune remap we extracted 664 BHP / 847 NM from the X5. Stock numbers for this beast are: 575 BHP / 750 NM

Although we made nearly 100 HP over stock figures. The real game-changer is a brutal increase in torque, 846 NM! From the second you hit the throttle it’s going to tear your face off, it’ll keep giving up to 6000 rpm.

Let’s not forget the X5M F85 is a big one, 2.3 tons! Our tuning increases this car’s BHP per Ton by 20%. Combine that with the immense amount of torque and we are talking a serious weapon. Next time you meet a Ferrari 550 Maranello or RS6 at the lights…just wink and relax.

Click here for our YouTube video. (Download Dyno Sheet Here) 👊

Our BMW X5M ECU Remapping extracted 664 BHP / 847 NM from the mighty S63

Our bespoke stage 1 remap opens up the potential of the X5M. A vast increase in performance while maintaining safe limits of the engine's capability. To push things a little further we recommend a pure hybrid turbos upgrade, intake upgrade, and catless downpipes, or a bespoke solution to relieve backpressure. We won’t go into this depth of tuning now. If it is something you’re interested in, give us a call. We’ll have an initial consultation, then get your car on the Dyno and analyze the engine's data. It all comes down to our tagline…’ power is nothing without reliability and control'...Give us a bell and book your stage 1 tuning package for the incredible BMW X5M F85 or S63👌.