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Link G4X MonsoonX ECU

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Link G4X MonsoonX ECU a true powerhouse full of advanced features with amazing build quality.

With 512 MB of data logging on the Link MonsoonX, you can log vast amounts of data a faster sampling rate

Link G4X MonsoonX ECU now has 512 megabytes of data logging, allowing you to log much more data at a faster sample rate.

Control loops are also more precise than on the G4+, and there are advancements such as single precision floating point format fuel tables, better resolution within ignition timing, and faster communications. These enhancements transform the G4X Monsoon into a true powerhouse in a small package.

The Link G4X MonsoonX ECU offers 512 megabytes of 32bit logging on up to 250 channels, each limited to up to 1kHz per channel (by the operating system), with a maximum sample rate of 100 kSamples/sec.

You have all of the tuning capabilities of the AtomX with the Link MonsoonX, but you can also run some of the following features: Launch Control, Anti-lag, VVT Control, and Closed Loop Boost Control. It also includes a built-in 4 bar or 7 bar MAP sensor, lowering installation costs even further. Now featuring Knock Control.

The MonsoonX can run any of the above features, but not all of them at the same time. The number of features you can run is determined by the number of limited Inputs and Outputs required by each feature.

With sequential injection and direct spark, the MonsoonX can control up to two rotors or four cylinders. Or, it can be used for up to eight cylinders using batch fire. This makes it ideal for naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines that just need a retune and one or two extra features, so you don’t need to jump up to one of our higher-level ECUs. (Requires A Loom)

Link G4X MonsoonX ECU Overview

The MonsoonX is ideal for:

1-12 Cylinder Distributed

2-8 Cylinder Wasted Spark

1-4 Cylinder Direct Spark

Odd Fire Engines

2-Stroke Engines

Configurable Firing Order

Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)


4 x Digital inputs

2 x Temperature inputs

4 x Analog inputs

2 x Trigger inputs

1 x Knock Input (Shared with DI4)

1 x Onboard 4 Bar MAP sensor


4 x Injector drives

4 x Ignition drivers

6 x Auxiliary outputs^

+5V Sensor power supply

^unused ignition drives can be used as additional Aux outputs


1x CAN bus

1x USB tuning connection

Upgraded communications chip (four times faster than G4+)


Dimensions: 95mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 45mm(H) (without loom)

Weight: 220 grams

Advanced features not found on the AtomX:

Antilag, rolling antilag and launch control.

Up to 2 fully variable closed loop VVT cams.


512MB of logging memory

20 general purpose tables

Runs on PC Link software for G4X

The Link G4X MonsoonX ECU comes supplied with waterproof connectors, a mounting bracket and a USB tuning cable. “A Loom” to be purchased separately.


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