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Life Racing Dash Keypad

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The Life Racing Dash Keypad offers full control of any LR dash and optionally allows in dash editing without the use of a PC. The keypad can be mounted in the cockpit using dual lock or similar or by using the four M3 nut inserts in the back panel.

The Life Racing Dash Keypad gives you complete control over your dash and is required for most 'in dash' editing.

The keypad can be installed with 'dual lock' or similar hardware, or with the four M3 nut inserts in the back panel, taking care not to push the studs through the membrane. It does not, however, have to be permanently connected in order for the dash to function. Once the desired angle has been determined, it is recommended that the cable be secured.

If it is permanent, it can be connected to external switches for easier use while driving. Externally mounted 'Right,' 'Left,' and 'OK' functions can be achieved by connecting the relevant wire to the LR Keypad Input via normally open momentary switches. The unique item "AN-KEYPAD8" must be assigned to the analogue input used.

At Hybrid Tune we are able to offer full electronics system packages. From design and build through to the final Dyno calibration by our team of Motorsport Professionals.

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