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Emerald K6 Plus ECU

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Newly released, the Emerald K6 Plus ECU brings new developments in hardware design.

An automotive-specific 32 bit Power PC CPU with class-leading performance, stability, and longevity powers the K6. The K6 provides the highest environmental protection of any Emerald ECU to date and now supports 6 ignition and 6 injection drivers, enabling full sequential management of up to 6 cylinder engines.

Awesome Emerald K6 Plus ECU cost effective with simple yet advanced features

As with previous Emerald ECUs, the K6 Plus continues to offer class-leading features, intuitive and simple-to-use software, and future-proof upgrade options. The K6 currently employs the well-established K3 PC software, which provides intelligent and tried-and-true functionality and features such as Adaptive Lambda control, Closed loop Boost and EGT control, VVT control, and Triple MAP switching.

Emerald K6 Plus ECU Specification:

Emerald K6 ECU Plus Physical

  • Dimensions: 110 x 190 x 44 mm (W x L x H)
  • Weight: 491g
  • Power supply: 6.5v - 18v
  • Environmental protection: IP65 sealed enclosure, IP68 water proof connectors.

Emerald K6 Plus ECU Inputs

  • Engine speed triggers: 3 inputs, each configurable for Inductive or Digital sensors, crank, cam or distributor.  User selectable crank trigger patterns.
  • Air Temperature: Yes, standard Bosch or user programmable characteristic
  • Coolant Temperature: Yes, standard Bosch or user programmable characteristic
  • Barometric Pressure: Internal barometric pressure sensor
  • Engine load: Throttle pot and/or MAP 0 - 5v signals
  • Lambda sensor: 0 - 1v (Narrow band) or 0 - 5 v (Wide Band) signals
  • Road speed: Up to 4 inputs, configurable for inductive or digital sensors, software switchable internal pull-up option.
  • Other: Coded immobiliser input, exhaust gas temperature, oil/aux temperature. Spare inputs can be assigned to air conditioning request, boost level adjustment, clutch switch, triple map selection, launch enable, and others...

Emerald K6 Plus ECU Outputs

  • Ignition coil drivers: 6 internal drivers, configurable as Active high for external amplifier control or Active low for direct coil control
  • Injector drivers: 6 internal high power drivers
  • Other: Air conditioning clutch, fuel pump relay control, supply relay control, two stage cooling fan control, programmable tacho driver, oxygen sensor heater control, shift-light, boost control valve, variable cam control, cam switching, single & twin PWM solenoid IACV control, Bipolar & unipolar IACV stepper motor control, user programmable outputs, 5v sensor supply

Emerald K6 Plus ECU Data-link Interfaces

  • RS232 serial communications port
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) interface.  Version 2.0B protocol at up to 1Mbit/sec

Below is a prime example of just how experienced we are with calibrating the Emerald K6 ECU...what a weapon!

Get in touch for full Motorsport electronics systems packages. From wiring harness design and manufacture, though to setting up your Emerald K6 and the final ECU calibration...a true one stop shop for performance!

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