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DTA RTCM Power Distribution Module – 34 Outputs

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The DTA RTCM Power Distribution Module – 34 Output power distribution module (PDM) from DTA Fast is designed to replace conventional relays and fuses in competition vehicles.

  • Made using self-protected transistors and using a new generation microprocessor which manages the various strategies.
  • CAN enables communication with other modules in the vehicle including keyboards, the engine management system, data loggers, dashboards, etc.
    Default setup included works with DTAFast S Series ECUs, including fan and fuel pump control over CAN.

DTA RTCM Power Distribution Module: Advantages of using a DTA Fast PDM

  • Simplifies the design and manufacture of looms
  • Reduces the weight of the wiring loom
  • Allows for the individual protection of each electrical circuit
  • Fully configurable by PC, it offers flexibility in the electric architecture of the vehicle
  • It is waterproof and can therefore be fitted easily in a vehicle, unlike fuses and relays which must be protected from heat and humidity

DTA RTCM Power Distribution Module Product Features:

Individual output configuration of the DTA RTCM Power Distribution Module

• Maximum current thresholds (8)
• Starting time, used for loads with strong in-rush current (8 times)
• Status in case of loss of the CAN bus: ON or OFF
• Value of overintensity allowed before power cut
• Time for reactivation in case of overintensity (8 times)
• Choice of on switch on the control board
• With or without memory effect on the control board
• Initial status when powered up: ON or OFF
• Up to 4 RTCM can be daisy chained for extra inputs and outputs CAN Output
• The information transmitted on the CAN bus allows you to know the value of the current as well as the status: ON, OFF, DEFAULT
• The analogue and digital inputs are also transmitted on the CAN bus. Battery Management The RTCM also manages the main relay (300 A maximum) of the general battery cut-off switch and the emergency stop button located outside the vehicle. Technical specifications
• 12 High Power outputs programmable between 15 and 50 A (8 thresholds)
• 22 Low Power outputs programmable between 7.5 and 25 A (8 thresholds)
• Start-up window programmable between 0.15 and 155 mS (4 thresholds)
• 2 CAN
• 1 USB
• 1 MASTER_ON input
• 6 x switched digital inputs
• 2 x 0-5V analogue inputs
• 1 x 5v output for sensors
• Solid aluminium casing
• IP58 waterproof
• Operational Temperatures range -10°C to + 100°C. Connectors
• Series 451/851 for power inputs/outputs o 451/851 06 RT 14-19 S-50 o 451/851 06 RT 18-32 P-50 o 451/851 06 RT 18-32 PW-50
• Series AS for electricity supply and analogue signals
• Waterproof USB
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