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DTA Fast T2i ECU

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DTA Fast T2i ECU is an excellent choice for vintage, carbureted engines.

It has wideband lambda monitoring and logging to help tune and diagnose carburetor fueling issues. It features flat-shift for dog-engaged gearboxes and can power engines with up to 12 cylinders with distributors or 4 cylinders with wasted spark. It even has boost and launch control!

Is it time to replace or upgrade your mechanical fuel pump? Not to worry, the DTA Fast T2i ECU can safely control electronic fuel pumps, so you can upgrade with confidence, knowing that if you have a collision and the engine stops, the pump will also stop.

The DTA FAST Ti2 ECU units are powered by an all-new multi-core automotive processor. They have Bosch lambda controllers for maximum precision, multiple safety redundancies, high resolution map tables, fully configurable I/O, and up to 32MB of logging at up to 500 Hz with compression algorithms for quick log downloads. The PC software is easy to use and responsive.

DTA Fast T2i ECU Features:

Analogue (0-5v) 6
Digital 2
Thermistor (NTC) 2
Wheel Speed 1
Wideband Lambda 1
Knock 0

Digital (PWM) 4
Coil Drivers 2
Injector Drivers 0
Cam Solenoid Drivers 0
H-Bridge (FBW) Drivers 0

Control Strategies
Auxiliary PWM Control ✓
Pit Limiter ✗
Launch Control ✓
Flat-shift Control ✓
VTEC Control ✓
Boost Control ✓
Idle Control ✓
Wideband Lambda single
Variable Cam Control ✗
Traction Control ✗
Wet/Dry Traction ✗
Fly-by-wire Control ✗
Knock Control ✗
Paddle-shift Control ✗

USB For PC connection
Serial For dyno box connection
CAN bus For communication with
dashboards, power
distribution modules,
dataloggers etc.

Dimensions 129x108x48mm
Weight 526g
Material extruded aluminium
Ingress Protection IP67
Hardware Upgradeable To T2

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