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DTA Fast T12 + ECU

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DTA FAST T12 + ECU Welcoming breathtaking flagship of the standalone DTA range!

Paddle-shift control
Dual knock & fly-by-wire control
Dual wideband Lambda control
Quad variable cam control
12 cylinders fully sequential
37 inputs
42 outputs
10 control strategies
IP67 extruded aluminium case

The DTA Fast T12 + is the flagship model in the DTA lineup. It includes almost everything you'd need to run complex engines with up to 12 cylinders sequentially. Everything but the kitchen sink: dual fly-by-wire, dual knock, quad variable cam, paddle shift.

The ultimate flagship DTA Fast T12 + a welcome addition to the DTA standalone range. Now available at Hybrid Tune, combine this powerful weapon with our bespoke calibration and performance will be breathtaking!

The T-Series engine control units are powered by an all-new multi-core automotive processor. They have Bosch lambda controllers for maximum precision, multiple safety redundancies, high resolution map tables, fully configurable I/O, and up to 32MB of logging at up to 500 Hz with compression algorithms for quick log downloads. The PC software is designed to be user-friendly and responsive in order to improve readability on high-resolution monitors with high scaling (DPI). It has a full oscilloscope for analysing crankshaft/camshaft signals and can be firmware upgraded.

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