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DTA Fast T12 ECU

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DTA Fast T12 ECU has some awesome features including:

Paddle shift control
Dual wideband Lambda control
Quad variable cam control
Up to 12 cylinders fully sequential
35 inputs
40 outputs
10 control strategies
IP67 extruded aluminium case

The DTA Fast T12 ECU works best with more sophisticated V engines. It boasts paddle shift, quad variable cam control, up to 12 completely sequential cylinders, and more I/O than you can shake a stick at!

The DTA FAST T12 ECU with a brand-new, multi-core processor designed specifically for the automobile industry powers T-Series engine control units. For the highest level of precision, they have Bosch lambda controllers, numerous safety redundancies, high resolution map tables, fully customisable I/O, and up to 32MB of logging at up to 500 Hz with compression methods for quick log downloads. The PC programme is snappy and user-friendly for greater readability on high-resolution monitors when utilising high scaling (DPI). It has a complete oscilloscope for analysing crankshaft/camshaft signals and enables firmware updates without the use of additional connections or software. Combined this stunning ECU with a Hybrid Tune ECU calibration and you'll have a winning formula!

DTA Fast T12 ECU Product features

Analogue (0-5v) 16
Digital 9
Thermistor (NTC) 3
Wheel Speed 4
Wideband Lambda 2
Knock 0

Digital (PWM) 12
Coil Drivers 12
Injector Drivers 12
Cam Solenoid Drivers 4
H-Bridge (FBW) Drivers 0

Control Strategies
Auxiliary PWM Control ✓
Pit Limiter ✓
Launch Control ✓
Flat-shift Control ✓
VTEC Control ✓
Boost Control ✓
Idle Control ✓
Wideband Lambda dual
Variable Cam Control quad
Traction Control ✓
Wet/Dry Traction ✓
Fly-by-wire Control ✗
Knock Control ✗
Paddle-shift Control ✓

USB For PC connection
Serial For dyno box connection
CAN bus For communication with
dashboards, power
distribution modules,
dataloggers etc.

Dimensions 188x176x25-42mm
Weight 945g
Material billet aluminium
Ingress Protection IP67
Hardware Upgradeable To T12+

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