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AiM MX UTV Dash Logger With Belt Temperature Sensor

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The AiM MX UTV Dash Logger, specially designed for UTV vehicles. Custom tuned GPS receiver designed to cope with extreme environments. The AiM MX UTV Dash Logger uses GPS and Glonass with a precision of 1/100 second.

  • Belt temperature sensor
  • Wide LCD display
  • Huge 4GB internal memory

This AiM MX UTV dash logger is specifically designed for UTV vehicles. Its internal GPS receiver is perfectly tuned for the UTV. Furthermore, it's designed to cope with vibrations, direction changes and all the lateral and longitudinal accelerations physically possible.

Also, it uses GPS and Glonass data to the precision of 1/100 second. If the MX UTV database doesn't contain a track, it will automatically recognise it, locating the start/finish line position.

The AiM MX UTV samples speed, rpm, laps and the belt temperature. Obviously all hugely important to avoid dangerous transmission breaks. Correspondingly this is all shown through the wide LCD display.  Which also features alarm LEDs and an ambient light sensor keeping backlight at optimum brightness levels.

Following the "User-Friendly" philosophy, MX UTV let its users choose the ECU connection directly from the device without the need to configure it via our software Race Studio 3. Furthermore, the AiM MX UTV is completely plug-and-play. Also, thanks to the secure 802.11 Wi-Fi connection, downloading data has never been so easy. No need to move your PC close to the vehicle, you can do it from your van up to 50 meters away. Such a perfect option while off-roading.

AiM MX UTV dash logger Specifications:

  • Integrated GPS
  • Wide display with configurable multicolour backlight 
  • Graphical display resolution
  • Ambient light sensor
  • 12 freely configurable RGB Alarm LEDs
  • 5 freely configurable RGB ShiftLight LEDs
  • CAN connection
  • ECU connection
  • 4Gb internal memory
  • 1 analog input
  • Glass fibre reinforced nylon
  • Metallic pushbuttons 
  • Rechargeable Lithium Lion Battery 
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Single point sensor
  • Waterproof IP65
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