ECU Remapping / Custom Calibration

OBDII and Bench tuning, genuine tools with quality service


Custom ECU remapping unique to your vehicle

A phrase that gets throw about far too often these days in the ECU remapping industry. In quite a lot of cases it’s miss used. Quite simply put we write a lot of our own maps for OEM ECU’s. This enables us to calibrate each individual vehicle to it’s own specific needs. Every engine is very slightly different, especially once they get above 40,000 miles old. Once you start to push an engine to make more power these differences become amplified. So why would you want the exact same ECU calibration as a car that has been treated very differently and might have more wear on the compressor for example. Your car may be capable of 290bhp but with a generic ECU map you may only see 250bhp because of these factors.

Genuine Tools

Unfortunately these days there are a huge amount of people who carry out "tuning" using very cheap copies of tools we use to read, write and edit files within OEM ECU's. At Hybrid Tune we only ever use genuine tools which are constantly being updated so we can tune the very latest vehicles.

Dyno Proven Results

We write a unique map designed for your vehicle, aimed to maximise performance and economy. All of the maps we write are thoroughly tested on our dyno to ensure our customers get the best results from their vehicle.

Diagnostics & Logging

Before any car is remapped we run the car through a series of tests. This includes a power test to ensure the vehicle is still performing as it should standard. We also use our diagnostic tools to scan every module on the vehicle for any faults.

Stage 1 OBD Tuning

This stage of tuning would be applicable to a vehicle that is completely standard. On some vehicles we can see increases of up to 100bhp from our stage 1. 90% of the vehicles we tune can be mapped through the OBD port.

Stage 1 Bench Tuning

A small percentage of vehicles have tuning protection which stops us from reading or wiring the flash data on the EEPROM chip inside the ECU. The solution is to remove the ECU from the vehicle and either pin the ECU out on the bench or open the ECU case up and attach our cables directly to the ECU board to read and write directly to the chip.

Stage 2 OBD Tuning

Stage 2 would be applicable if your vehicle has any significant modifications which change the airflow or fuelling capabilities of the engine. (intercooler, turbo, injectors etc).