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Hybrid Tune began trading in 2014 as an engine management specialist in East Anglia, with a view to becoming one of only a few companies in the UK to write bespoke ecu "maps" for performance and economy applications.


Now as we enter 2017 we are expanding our Motorsport team in the UK Mini Challenge and continuing projects aiming to bring out new products in 2017.

Hybrid Tune are a Mobile Technical Service with 10 years experience in Motorsport and Electronic Engineering.

Ford Mondeo TDCI - MPG 46.6 - 53.4 = Increase of 6.8 MPG and nicer to drive

BMW E90 320D - 163BHP - 195BHP = No modifications apart from ECU Map

BMW E46 320D - 50MPG - 60MPG = Car pulls harder with a huge increase in MPG

Skoda Octavia VRS - 180BHP - 205BHP = Feels like a different car. Much quicker

Mercedes CLA220 CDI AMG - 170BHP - 200BHP 455NM


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Nic - 11/01/2016 - Snetterton

"Had a fantastic time with the guys, it was my first time on the track in a proper car and although I thought it might be daunting I was soon at ease with some instruction and demonstration. I was really enjoying being in the thick of the action loving every corner finding amazing pace and grip, had a huge grin all day, would recommend to anyone."